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<br><b>Middleneck Clams<br>100 count

Middleneck Clams
100 count...

I enjoyed the clams you sent me. In the last 6 months I have ordered about 300. I ordered during the free shipping. This savings has made it possible to order more often. Your shipments come fast and product is cold. They are very fresh. Ab...

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featuring: Caught-In-The-Wild Seafood

Wild Caught Head Removed

Wild Caught Head Removed

Wild Caught Head On

Wild Caught Head On
What's New?
<br><b>Jumbo (16-20) Royal Red Heads-Off<br>per lb.    

Jumbo (16-20) Royal Red Heads-Off
per lb.
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<b>"Seafood Seasonings, Spices & Marinades"    
"Seafood Seasonings, Spices & Marinades"     

<b>Royal Red Shrimp - 12-15 Colossals<br>Sold per lb    
Royal Red Shrimp - 12-15 Colossals
Sold per lb


<br><b>Cocktail Sauce    

Cocktail Sauce


<b>Peeled & De-veined Royal Red Shrimp<br>per lb</b>    
Peeled & De-veined Royal Red Shrimp
per lb
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<br><b>Jumbo (16-20) Premium Heads-Off<br>per lb.    

Jumbo (16-20) Premium Heads-Off
per lb.
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0 items
What's New?
<b>Florida Smoked Mullet <br>Sold Per fish
Florida Smoked Mullet
Sold Per fish
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